Edelman Social media session - London Richard Edelman has posted that all Edelman staff around the world would attend training on the do's and don'ts of social media. The first of these took place today and nearly all the London ...Read More

This week I returned from a holiday with the family on an island with very little digital access. Among the things I had missed was the Champions League game between Chelsea and Barcelona (last year my colleagues in Barcelona ...Read More

The Edelman Wal-Mart brohaha has reached my sunlounger and so I thought I had better put up a link to Richard Edelman's post for those of you who missed it. Apologies for the delay, now where's my rum punch? Read More

A few weeks ago I was asked by one of our affiliate agencies to write about some of the trends we see in communications, much of which is tied up with web 2.0 and social media. For the blogging ...Read More

Round Table in Frankfurt on our Blogger Study and the first step towards local Top 100 lists in Germany, France and Italy. See the talk with Peter Hirshberg, Chairman of Technorati, Wolfgang Lünenbürger, Nico Lumma, blogger and Head of blogg.de, Felix ...Read More

Johnny Haeusler, German top blogger - Frankfurt Visit Spreeblick. If you can't see the video clip above you may have to download the latest version of Flash Player. Technorati Tags: Johnny Haeusler, David Brain Read More

Gilles Klein, French emailer - Paris Visit http://eclosions.blogspot.com/, http://gklein.blog.lemonde.fr/ and http://www.pointblog.com/. If you can't see the video clip above you may have to download the latest version of Flash Player. Technorati Tags: Gilles Klein, David Brain Read More

The UK presentation of the Edelman/Technorati partnership 10th October 2006, featuring Richard Edelman, Peter Hirshberg, David Brain, Stuart Smith, Suw Charman, Iain Dale, Kevin Anderson and Nick Reynolds. Apologies, all of these are much longer than 60 seconds... normal service ...Read More

Our second study is an omnibus survey that attempts to see what the link is between political blogging and activism - - in other words, if you read blogs (or write them) are you more or less likely to take ...Read More

This is a big couple of weeks for Edelman as we launch three major initiatives to better understand the blog world for our teams and our clients. The biggest of these is being led by Steve Rubel in New ...Read More