Sunil John, President and CEO Asdaa – Amman, JordanIf you can’t see the video clip above you may have to download the latest version of Flash Player.

In May 2006 I was lucky enough to attend the Middle East World Economic Forum (Edelman is a partner of the Forum) in Sharm El Shekh in Egypt. At this we hosted a workshop on improving the image of the region at which we presented the research below on C Level attitudes and perceptions. In concert with the world Economic Forum, Asdaa (our Middle East afiliate and partner) and Edelman are now working through the outputs of that workshop with a small sub-group to put together a communications plan. This will be re-presented to Forum members at either or both the World Economic Forum in Turkey in November and the Davos meeting in January. I would be very interested in any views on the research from within or outside the Middle East. Hence my posting of the slides.

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