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PR Week have published their PowerBook, "the definitive guide to the most influential people in PR". I learned these facts about some of my friends, colleagues and competitors: * Matthew Anderson of BskyB is a collector of Belgian comics * Stuart Bruce ...Read More

One of the UK's top political bloggers does one of the UK's top political news shows tonight. Interestingly, you can see the piece here before the show is broadcast and here's the analysis of my colleagues at Despatch ...Read More

Wikipedia says: Spring is one of the four seasons temperate zones, the transition from winter into summer. Astronomically, Spring begins with the vernal equinox (around March 20 in the Northern Hemisphere, and September 23 in the Southern Hemisphere), and ends ...Read More

This weekend I got the chance to read Global Voice, Britain's Future In International Broadcasting, a book that has been glowering at me from my in-tray since Richard Sambrook, the Director of BBC's Global New Division sent it to me ...Read More

A fantastic piece in this week's always interesting US Advertising Age by Bob Garfield, entitled, Chaos Scenario 2.0 Here are some excerpts, but I really advise going to source on this. His basic thesis is that the advertising industry is ...Read More

Edelman's Mike Krempasky (he's also a founder of political blog Red State) and Buzz Machine's Jeff Jarvis discussed on CNN this weekend the Hillary Clinton 1984 spoof commercial that has taken America by storm and which has focused so much ...Read More

Hugh Macleod and Jason Korman are doing it again. They are making available a voucher of 40% off at Threshers over Easter...surely lightning can't strike twice. [tags] Gaping Void, Thresher, Stormhoek[/tags] Read More

Debbie Weil, author of 'The Corporate Blogging Book', explains why CEOs are still not blogging. [tags] Debbie Weil, CEO bloggers, PR [/tags] Read More

Here's our view of the UK Budget. [tags] Budget; PR [/tags] Read More