Thanks to Neville Hobson for drawing my attention to this. [tags]Dilbert, PR, Blogging[/tags] Read More

A long and uncomfortable flight to the US last night was made a little more enjoyable thanks to Piers Morgan's latest offering. Don't You Know Who I Am is a rip-roaring romp through the life of one of the UK's ...Read More

They say pride goes before a fall, but I’ll risk it here. Today we confirmed that Edelman and our affiliates are handling Xbox in 22 markets in Europe. This has been a monumental effort to get this great client in ...Read More

If I am able to provide less content for you on developments and research in Web 2.0 land then it is because my principle source, Jonny Bentwood, from our Analyst Relations, Technology Strategy and New Media has irritatingly started his ...Read More

I was dreading today. This morning I made redundant a colleague who had grown our UK business significantly. The details are in this release, but in short, we have been running two businesses in the UK (Edelman and JCPR) for ...Read More

Interesting chat with Adam Zand of Boston based Topaz Partners on anonymity in blogging the other day. [tags] Adam Zand, Topaz Partners, Anonymous bloggers [/tags] Read More

My colleague Jacqui White in our Interactive Solutions unit pointed out that the BBC moderation of the story on the Virginia shootings had still to process nearly 9,000 comments. As you can see from the box on the right of ...Read More

The UK's Premier League will go to either Manchester United or Chelsea over the next few weeks and the rivalry is intense. I thought I'd see who was winning in the twitter stakes between them (thanks to twitterment) and Manchester ...Read More

Looks like TBWA have won the agency shoot-out for the Singapore Airlines account that I was once a brand planner on and which I posted about a few weeks comments ago. I await to see what they do with one ...Read More

Drew Benvie linked to this story today. Look how far we have come. A good story but made so much more useful by: * 7 links to related stories (OK, all BBC but . . . . ...Read More