Drew Benvie linked to this story today. Look how far we have come. A good story but made so much more useful by:

* 7 links to related stories (OK, all BBC but . . . . )
* 5 related links to organisations that you can go to if you want to get more deeply into the subject
* 3 links to other top technology stories (yep, just BBC again, but . . . )
* A comments section with 567 views (at my time of reading) and a ‘call out box’ that takes you to them
* And finally a voting button

In the UK, many of the national newspapers are becomming great at this as are even more in the US and I covered the Die Welt developments in Germany last week. The media brands with the confidence to link to sources beyond themselves and their readers (contributors) and, eventually please note BBC, to other media brands will be the winners on-line. And it changes what we can do for our clients now as well. More on this later.