I was dreading today. This morning I made redundant a colleague who had grown our UK business significantly. The details are in this release, but in short, we have been running two businesses in the UK (Edelman and JCPR) for three years and this year we will financially merge them into one P&L and next year we move into the same building.

And we had two CEOs and so I had to choose which was the right one to take us to the next level.

No question in my mind that was Robert Phillips of JCPR who, as of today, is CEO of our combined UK businesses. But also, there is no question in my mind that Stuart Smith, who was a good CEO for Edelman UK, can count himself very unlucky.

The business logic was easy. The personal toll in an industry where most of us make our best friends at work is significant and so we are a sad business today.

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