Today we launched the first study to rank countries around the world according to their peacefulness on behalf of our client Steve Killelea . The Global Peace Index studies 121 countries from Algeria to Zimbabwe and its publication comes just ...Read More

Jeff Jarvis just posted on the Facebook 'let's be friends' phenomena. Anybody own up to similar conversations to the one below or am I the only one who blunders around like this? Thanks to Stephen Davies for this one. [tags]Facebook, ...Read More

Actually twitter shows no sign of peaking. What I mean is that our redoubtable Justin Westcott who helped with the Motorola highest call and text assault on Everest, twittered from base camp. According to Edelman's own base camp in ...Read More

Thanks to Elle and Neville for spotting the Motorola 'highest mobile phone and text' wheeze that Edelman was a part of. As posted a couple of weeks ago, Justin Westcott was our man at base camp and you can read ...Read More

I'm going to persevere with this one. Is there a correlation between use of social media (presumably by fans) and the fortunes of their teams on the field? OK, OK, bear with me, if only because all other forms ...Read More

Links: Gapingvoid; Geek in Disguise [tags] Hugh MacLeod, Blue Monster, Microsoft, Steve Clayton, PR [/tags] Read More

Journalism is dead if we outsource local reporting: Below the Fold. War reporting or Iraq lite?: Searing commentary on Australian TV news reporting of Iraq from ABC Television's Media Watch (every country should have a show ...Read More

Brilliant, brilliant movie from Microsoft Digital Solutions on advertising and the consumer. I so wish we had made this. The Break UpUploaded by geertdesager Hat Tip to Jeff Jarvis. [tags]Microsoft Digital Solutions, Jeff Jarvis, Advertising [/tags] Read More

The FT reported this morning that the BBC's worldwide viewing figures are up with 233 million people tuning in on TV, radio or the web. According to the man behind it, Richard Sambrook, more people now get their news ...Read More

The little mybloglog widget five boxes down on the right hand side of this blog has become another small source of 2.0 fascination to me. You can't help but be interested to see who reads your stuff and the ...Read More