I posted about this Dinos and Jake Chapman exhibition at London's Royal Academy before , but today I saw it (and you can too). [Tags]Royal Academy of Art, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Dinosaurs[/tags] Read More

Today I chanced upon the TV station for those who complain about cynical journalists, self serving news values and a general lack of trust in the media. SupremeMaster TV promises, "positive news for a better world" and claims to ...Read More

Whilst Europe bakes, the UK drowns. But has summer at last made an appearance in London? Clapham Common at 7.30 am this morning. [tags]Clapham Common[/tags] Read More

Every now and then in this business you get to work with brilliant clients. Last week we launched a study for 1E which showed that the environment is a key factor in only 3 per cent of IT purchase ...Read More

Formula One motor racing and the Tour de France are two of the biggest sporting properties in Europe. Only Football trumps them, but today has been a black day for both. The leading Formula One team McLaren were ...Read More

I love the Internet Trend Map produced by iA in Japan and based on the Tokyo tube map. And Edelman gets a station and a line. [tags] iA, Internet Trend Map [/tags] Read More

(Moscow from the 34th Floor of Swissotel) I've have spent the last five days in Russia in St Petersburg and now Moscow. As the economy booms so does the PR industry and there's barely a mention of the diplomatic spat with ...Read More

I write this post with some trepidation, because we have come up with a new list and lists I have learned are controversial. Some weeks ago Jonny Bentwood who runs tech analyst relations at Edelman's London office and I ...Read More

OK, today I started getting emails on Facebook from a client. A whole host of colleagues have been doing this for some few weeks now. Robert Scoble says he only looks at press releases via his Facebook page. It is ...Read More

Julio’s post Google [tags] Octavio Rojas, PR [/tags] Read More