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This new application which highlights what IP has been the source of edits to Wikipedia entries about companies and organisations is very interesting and has left me disappointed about my colleagues. Our Wikipedia entry is fairly brief with only five ...Read More

'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction', someone once said. A web version of this seems to be the response of some hotels to 'gag' sites like Trip Advisor, at least the customer reviews section. In the ...Read More

A couple of recent conversations make me believe that the PR industry in many European markets is a pretty comfortable place to be at the moment and that career complacency and conservatism is setting in. Maybe it is a function ...Read More

Tuesday's announcement by Google that organisations or individuals who are "participants" in a story carried on Google News can now post their comments on that story on Google News changes things again. Stories on Google News often get ...Read More

One of the really off-putting things about single issue activist groups is the strident, hectoring, moral tone many adopt. It has exactly the opposite effect they are hoping for. We run for the hills clasping our hands ...Read More

My newspaper on the Tube ride in this morning was The Times, but it wasn't until I got to page five that I found a story that I was not already aware of (headline: 'Scientists keep moths in check by ...Read More

Hat tip to Neville Hobson. [tags] Heville Hobson, Social Bookmarking [/tags] Read More Anticipation or being enthusiastic, is an emotion involving pleasure (and sometimes anxiety) in considering some expected or longed-for good event, or irritation at having to wait. Robert Plutchik listed anticipation as one of the eight basic emotions in his psychoevolutionary ...Read More

One month ago Edelman's London office (in which I sit) banned bins. The idea was that personal bins by our desks make us lazy and encourage us not to sort our waste for re-cycling. The new system means more trips ...Read More