A couple of recent conversations make me believe that the PR industry in many European markets is a pretty comfortable place to be at the moment and that career complacency and conservatism is setting in. Maybe it is a function of my advancing years, but I am amazed that even ambitious young people in the business seem to be viewing their career in very narrow geographic and discipline ways. “I have this position now, and if I do this, I will get my bosses job (or equivalent) in x years and will then earn y”. If you are below the age of thirty (and even more so if you don’t have kids yet) take a bloody risk why don’t you? Go to Asia. Go to Moscow. Go to Dubai. You will learn as much about your culture by being out of it as you will other people’s and you will be SO much more marketable in the future if that’s what floats your boat. And for the bigger agencies and more interesting in-house roles of the future, international experience is going to mean more than basic proficiency in one other language and the claim “I coordinated PR in seven countries for xyz brand”. If you did that from home, if you have never lived and/or worked abroad for a long spell (I would say a minimum of a year, but preferably three) you are not globally minded. You might be a good global faker, but soon, faking it will not be enough. Oh, and the Brits and the Americans are by far the worst on this count.

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