Not all videos on YouTube involve people lighting farts or ranting at their webcam. Thanks for this to Ze Frank who I wish would do video again. Read More

You have to have been in a lead-lined bunker to have missed the global coverage of Halo 3, the new Xbox 360 game. We are hugely proud of the teams in 21 markets in Europe that have and are continuing ...Read More

The annual conferences of the major UK political parties are meccas for anyone wanting to get a snapshot of the UK political scene and none more so than the conference of the party in power, the Labour Party. A few ...Read More

Given what I have said regarding advertising in the past, this film which is appearing on CNBC until 8 October is obviously not a TV commercial.... [tags] Edelman, CNBC [/tags] Read More

Jonny Bentwood is on a plane to the US to take our much talked about Social Media Index (SMI) to the next stage with the help of some outside experts and, of course, taking into account the many comments to ...Read More

My UK colleagues just released this study on trust in politicians, business and the media. It makes for depressing reading, though responses to such direct questions do tend to be led by the question a little I find. The ...Read More Early in the morning factory whistle blows Man rises from bed and puts on his clothes Man takes his lunch, walks out in the morning light It's the working, the working, just the working life Through the mansions of fear, through the mansions ...Read More

In June Edelman and US PR Week hosted a summit in New York that brought together professors and academics in Public Relations with journalists, marketeers and corporate communications people. The aim was to provide the academics with solid case studies ...Read More

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Beware . . company commercial: Today in Beijing, Edelman took a majority interest in Pegasus Communications. It means we are adding 100 new colleagues to the Edelman family and that China has become our firm's third largest market in the ...Read More