I have (almost) finished Herd by Mark Earls, which is a fabulous book from a guy who is probably the nearest thing we have in the UK to Seth Godin. The book is a shocking colour as indeed is ...Read More

At some point in the days leading up to a big pitch you have to make the call; “Will I win this with a BIG risky, single-focused idea or will I win it by being really smart about covering all ...Read More

This morning I was hit from behind by a very nice old lady on what I have since discovered is called a Mobility Scooter. I was maintaining my usual brisk walking pace when said old lady misjudged her passing manoeuvre, ...Read More

Interesting chart from the Twitter blog showing that 60% of the traffic is non US. I wonder how much of it is in non-English languages though? My Russian colleague Olga says that the 140 character limit is more of a ...Read More

I suggested this morning via Twitter that the North Face logo (particularly on back packs) was becoming ubiquitous and possibly therefore over-exposed. Someone thanked me for ruining his coat and another said that the “combination of quality gear, items in ...Read More

German companies are the most trusted in the world and yet Germans are the least trusting of their own institutions including business. Maybe German opinion formers were better informed given the current Deutsche Post scandal. The CEO has offered to ...Read More

Olga Rasulova runs the Digital Practice at Edelman/Imageland Moscow Blog hosting servers: LiveJournal.Com, Blogs.Mail.ru, LiveInternet.Ru Social networks: Odnoklassniki.ru, My.Mail.ru (of the most popular web portals Mail.ru), Vkontakte.ru, Olga's new English langauge blog RunetReview.Com [tags] LiveJournal.Com, Blogs.Mail.ru, LiveInternet.Ru, Odnoklassniki.ru, My.Mail.ru, Vkontakte.ru, ...Read More

The ad for Apple’s new Air laptop . . . . . . . . . . and some creative re-takes (the crowd will be heard): Hat tip, Mitch Joel. [tags] Apple Air, Mitch Joel [/tags] Read More

Me banging on about the Edelman Trust Barometer to n-tv in Germany . . . . in perfect German! Read More

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