This morning I was hit from behind by a very nice old lady on what I have since discovered is called a Mobility Scooter. I was maintaining my usual brisk walking pace when said old lady misjudged her passing manoeuvre, which means she was going pretty quick and on a reasonably crowded pavement. She was mortified and she apologised profusely in that heartfelt way people in their seventies do. But as she whizzed off I realised I am beginning to see more and more of these scooters. And guess what? I have since discovered they can do 8mph and sometimes more (you can get them tuned apparently). They currently need no license and (amazingly) no insurance so if my dear assailant had crippled me there would be no easy payment for me to buy my own. And no congestion charge . . . . hmmmm….so it takes me about 40 minutes door to door to get to work by tube, which is just under six miles away . . . . so why not join them and commute in on the damn things? I have since discovered that they come in many types with exciting names like Monza. And I suspect that, whilst they are vital pieces of kit for many otherwise home-bound people, they are also used by the ‘lazy-aged’ and ‘thrill-seeking wrinklies’ set too. What is the nation coming too?

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Wonder if you can get them pimped?