Gone to the land of the long white cloud for a while. Photo by Florian Dietrich: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wasmachtflo/549062753/ Updates by Twitter and photos/vids via Facebook for anyone remotely interested. [tags] Bye bye [/tags] Read More

Hat tip: Jim Dowling [tags] Pot Noodle, Jim Dowling [/tags] Read More

My two Washington colleagues Toby Blankley and Tony Moffett just made this video update on the Democratic Nomination campaign. [tags] Clinton v Obama; Edelman [/tags] Read More

I was saddened to see that Arthur C. Clarke the science fiction writer, Nobel Prize winner and visionary died yesterday aged 90. He predicted the moon landings, the role of satellites in communications and had me glued to the screen ...Read More

I have been told that my last post has sent a wave of depression through friends and colleagues so I thought this might help. How apt that this became the Manchester City theme song for many years (before Sven). [tags] PR, ...Read More

A little early to be reaching for the gun maybe, but . . . Bear Sterns was sold yesterday for $230 million. Edelman has fees of $470 million so is worth around $6-700 million at the moment. Odd times indeed. ...Read More

CSR is in Asia is a much newer phenomena than in the US or Europe but it’s making strides to catch up according to a new white paper published by our colleagues today. [tags] CSR, Asia, Alan Vandermolen [/tags] Read More

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The great Michael Fish hours before the 1987 hurricane (the only one in recent history to hit these shores). It was tad blowy and wet in southern England last night and expected to get worse by the afternoon. But the ...Read More