Few can have escaped the Rick Roll – Rick Astley video viral meme. How an earth did that start? Here’s a new one (to me) below. And here’s Anthony on the subject. [tags] Viral; Anthony Mayfield [/tags] Read More

I realised this morning that my feed aggregator had moved into my very short list of mission critical tools. I cannot work without my laptop; my mobile (I can easily do without the landline); Microsoft Office – email, Word, ...Read More

A few weeks ago I commented on US PR Week’s editorial about the fact that the big advertising groups still use Sarbanes Oxley as an excuse to hide the figures for their PR companies. My post is here but to ...Read More

Two revenge videos on YouTube. This first one is made by a guy unlucky enough to try and get through London’s brand spanking new customer service disaster, Terminal 5 at Heathrow. Amusingly re-tells his ordeal in song. And this British ...Read More

Here’s a nice little gizmo to pore over your Twitter habits. It seems from this that at 11 am on a Tuesday it is almost a dead cert I will be tweeting from my laptop and probably responding to @stedavies, ...Read More

http://www.gapingvoid.com/ [tags] Hugh MacLeod, gapingvoid, Trust [/tags] Read More

Whilst I was away sunning myself for the last couple of weeks, my UK colleagues completed the acquisition of the digital agency Spook. We have been working on this for a while (social media release here with all the facts) ...Read More

Looks like the gorilla ad was a one-off which is a shame as I thought the ‘joy’ brand appeal was truly campaignable. Let’s hope the next one is better. Am back after my hols so will bore you with ...Read More