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Does the concept of a theatre really need to be explained to people? "Not the film"! Read More

Air Commodore Kit North-Lewis This weekend my father, who served in the Royal Navy for 13 years, told me a story of the time he was on a Frigate that responded to an SOS from a Russian trawler up ...Read More

I just returned from two days in Moscow where our recently acquired business Edelman/Imageland continues to grow at breathtaking speed. We opened in Russia because we had a number of clients asking us to, but since we have, ...Read More

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Gaming is one of those subjects it is so easy to have an extreme and uninformed view on. I love this from Australia, via ZeFrank. Edelman works for Xbox by the way. [Tags] Nantendo; Xbox, Edelman[/tags] Read More

What are the big technology trends that will affect the relationship between companies/organisations and their customers/stakeholders over the next five years? Not the new applications, or individual start-ups, but the big trends. Here is my first go at ...Read More

This appeared in the latest issue of Profile magazine, the CIPR’s (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) venerable organ. I’ve linked here but for some reason it is behind a firewall. We are still looking for all levels of talent in ...Read More

Thanks to Forrester Research for this chart. It confirms previous Edelman data about the leadership of France over Germany and the UK in participation of ‘blog culture’. Germany and UK are strikingly similar in their habits it seems. [tags] Forrester ...Read More