Couldn’t help but point to our most recent client win in Europe, Hewlett Packard’s printer division and not just for vanity reasons. This was the first pan-European ‘PR’ brief with a significant budget behind it that I have seen ...Read More

I have spent all this week with clients and partners in the Middle East and I am struck, as I always am when I come here, how fast the PR industry is developing. Some observations, probably not very useful for ...Read More

Five days in the Gulf with a couple of clients and a prospect or two this week. Updates via Twitter and pix on Facebook. Read More

I have no idea if Ralph Cioffi and Matthew Tannin, the two hedge fund managers arrested yesterday by the FBI are innocent or guilty of conspiracy and fraud or whether their chance of a fair trial has been prejudiced by ...Read More

The UK and one or two other European nations are facing the prospect of stagflation economists tell us. Low, or stagnant growth and high inflation. Most competitors I talk to at the moment are, like us, seeing no visible signs ...Read More

Cricket has rarely been accused of being the world’s most dynamically exciting game. It’s attractions are gentle, cerebral and cultural. Very occasionally it is athletically impressive. It was this week when England batsmen executed a reverse sweep and hit a ...Read More

I am in Shanghai all week at our annual manager’s meeting. I haven’t been to China for 11 years and as an old Asia hand, I am pathetically excited at this re-visit. I suspect it may have changed just a ...Read More

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America has had an image problem in much of the rest of the world from the moment they, with the rest of us in the coalition, invaded Iraq. This matters for America in many ways, not least in business. ...Read More