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Climate Change Protesters from Robert Phillips on Vimeo. Robert Phillips again on this morning's events. Read More

I am no economist but seeing this picket opposite Edelman towers this morning (before the protestors struck) was another warning if I needed one that things will get worse before they get better and that will have an impact us. ...Read More

Edelman's London office just got attacked by shouting, alarm wielding protestors. Here’s a cross post from Edelman’s UK CEO Robert Phillips. "I have spent most of this morning dealing with a small but noisy group of Climate Change protesters, who are ...Read More

The secret ingredients that go to make a successful viral courtesy of Ship's Biscuit. Another nice collection with a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek attempt to suggest there is a method to achieving viral fame (but as we all know, viral is ...Read More

"Fannie Mae grasped the subtle denominator of profit per mortgage risk level, not per mortgage (which would be the obvious choice). It's a brilliant insight. The real driver in Fannie Mae's economics is the ability to understand risk ...Read More

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My mate and ex business partner Colin Byrne once commented wistfully that he thought his secretary and I were the only ones who read his blog. Turns out he was wrong as both PR Week and Lance Price, ex political ...Read More

"We're in for a soaking as a deluge of bad news heralds recession" The Times. For my top tips on preparing a PR firm for the slowdown/recession see here. [tags]Evening Standard; Recession [/tags] Read More