The summer sky over London pretty much every day throughout July and August. Ever since March this year I have been predicting a downturn in the fortunes of our industry (not a disaster, just a down-turn) and a bit of a ...Read More

Crowdsurfing from David Brain on Vimeo. Martin and I in 'roving reporter style' on our new book out on September 25 and available now via Amazon. We shot this at Victoria station in between being drowned out by tannoy announcements ...Read More

This was allegedly in response to customer/fan observation about a 'glitch' on an EA game that saw Tiger Woods walking on water to hit a shot. Read More

I interviewed a number of people at Dell for Crowd Surfing, but Andy Lark escaped my clutches. This is a great description of the role it plays in the firm. Read More

A great Olympics for Britain all-in-all. 4th in the medal table and finishing off with Leona, Jimmy and Becks. Nice. Now it's our turn. Read More

An oldie but a goodie. Thanks for the reminder to Richard Binhammer. Seth's brilliant blog here. [tags]Seth Godin, Purple Cows, Richard Binhammer[/tags] Read More

Career reviews and job interviews are usually run on the terms of the company or employer because they have all the pertinent data. Not any more. This story in the Times drew my attention to which promises ...Read More

Nice graphic from Brian Solis Read More - Watch more free videos Hat tip Steve Clayton. Read More

To say that Boris Johnson, the new Mayor of London, is not my political 'cup of tea' is to put it mildy. But time after time I have to admit to enjoying his communication style. His latest plaintive ...Read More