Martin Thomas and I launched Crowd Surfing last Thursday at the Groucho, the club in which the idea was conceived just over a year ago. We had a nice crowd, some of whom you may recognise in the attached ...Read More

I am in the US at present and watching the financial crisis unfold here is quite disturbing and I couldn't help but hope that those in charge of trying to manage this have some crowd surfing skills. Today's New ...Read More

It's during these sorts of tumultuos times that I find it difficult to disguise my contempt for economists. If they were really any good at what they did they would have shorted bank stocks and be sitting pretty on ...Read More

Edelman's new digital campaign for Wonderbra [tags]Edelman, Wonderbra[/tags] Read More

I just got tagged by James Barbour to name my three most inspirational communicators, a meme started by Andrew Wake. I have no criteria for these three that makes much sense other than 'greatness' in fields that interest me. 1.Winston Churchill. ...Read More

Edelman Digital (incorporating the brilliant Spook Media) in London is looking for help. If you want to join a team of 30 with deep creative and technical build-out skills in addition to the usual social conversation consulting skill sets, ...Read More

I have been asked a couple of times now why the name Crowd Surfing for the book? It was a simple analogy obviously. I liked it because (as seen in so many of these clips) it reminded me of ...Read More

Microsoft's new TV commercial. Hat tip Steve Clayton. Microsoft is an Edelman client by the way. Read More

My first review copy of Crowd Surfing arrived yesterday. I will get a few more in the next few days in case anyone is desperate to review it. Volunteer in the comments. First come first served. [tags]Crowd Surfing[/tags] ...Read More

Our very own Jackie Cooper helped Wonderbra become an icon by making the "hello boys" campaign famous in the 90s. She's at it again but digitally now. More to come on this one. Read More