Hat tip Stormhoek Barry Schwartz at TED on the Paradox of Choice. Great speaker, but that is no reason to inflict those shorts on us. Read More

A number of people in the UK PR industry will have noted with sadness the plight of Woolies. Woolworths, and its then parent company Woolworths Holdings, were the banner clients of Paragon Communications during the 80's. Paragon came from ...Read More

Somebody once said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, which is a tad worrying for those of us getting on in years in a trade that values youth and energy at least as much as experience and ...Read More

A selection of comments about the book. More coming in from Holland, Sweden and around and about soon. Still a few left that my mum's not bought and soon to be available in Korean apparently (so that will ...Read More

I was reminded at the weekend that Winston Churchill’s regular refrain/command during the dark days of the war was “KBO, KBO”, which apparently meant ‘keep buggering on’. Reading some of the ‘genius’ economic commentators and analysts at the weekend (the ...Read More

Interesting story un-ravelling here. Now I wonder who could be behind that? Episode one of six (to date) is below: [tags]Le Beast[/tags] Read More

* Apologies for un pc-ness of this heading by the way. Thanks to Stephen Waddington and Stephen Davies for this league table which puts me as the . . . wait for it . . . fifth most influential PR Twitterer ...Read More

The passing of proposition eight, the repeal of the legal right of gay couples to marry in California, reminds me that America is indeed a foreign country to me. I just came across this brilliant Keith Olberman piece on it. Read More

This from the ever-green mind of Hugh MacLeod made me snort my coffee over the keyboard this morning. One of my current bug bears is people in communication roles talking in PowerPoint/quasi management consultancy speak. In our industry at least, ...Read More

. . . Starbucks introduce the 'festive' cups. A more modern tradition, but a nice one I think. Disclosure, Starbucks is an Edelman client. Read More