Somebody once said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, which is a tad worrying for those of us getting on in years in a trade that values youth and energy at least as much as experience and wisdom. And what with all this new fangled interweb stuff, it is true to say that us dinosaurs do ocassionally feel a little closer to extinction than is comfortable. But never fear, my Chicago colleagues have come up with a new concept designed to extend the life expectancy of us old lags….ROTNEM. Have you guessed? It’s MENTOR spelt backwards and the idea is that social media-literate employees becomes the mentor of older and more, shall we say politely, technically retarded colleagues. Mentoring of course is usually done by the old and wise to the young and inexperienced, but, yet again it would appear, the net has turned this convention on its head, or in this case, back to front.

My ROTNEMs by the way were Stephen Davies and Guillaume DuGardier without whom I would still be using the Yellow Pages and the Enyclopedia Britannica.