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Thanks to shiny red for bringing this one to my attention - - Tango's characteristically brave attempt to stop their decline. A nice summary here of what they are doing. But also an excuse to re-live a ...Read More

Patience Wheatcroft gazing into the crystal ball from Marina Mikus on Vimeo. I sort of wish I hadn't got out of bed this morning. I rushed into Edelman towers to hear our star studded panel of experts gaze into their ...Read More

Nice simple demo but is this the world's most irritating voice? Hat tip to The Web Pitch Edelman works for Microsoft by the way. [tags]Windows Live, The Web Pitch[/tags] Read More

My colleague Adam Schokora who leads our brilliant digital team in China, just posted this interview with Ping Ke, a journalist and the voice behind the very-well-known-in-China, Antiwave.net podcast series, where he talks about, "the influence of internet memes on ...Read More

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I love all this quantifying the unquantifiable stuff. According to Twitter Grader I am a 99, which means I: * have a higher Twitter grade than 99.1 per cent of users (see previous post about being tallest midget ...Read More

Its seems that about the only thing that can put large numbers of the British public on their couches in front of the TV at one time are shows that we have some control over. 12.8 million (including yours ...Read More