Saturday at Davos is always a bit weird because, well it's Saturday and people start heading off and so there is much less hussle and bussle in the convention centre. I went to sessions today on Carbon, Global Economic Update, ...Read More

So things are getting a bit heated around here now. Or as a certain very senior Business Week journalist said, "people are really pissy today". For the three years that I have attended, Davos has been about opportunity ...Read More

Nice post by the FT's John Gapper that I think sums up much of what is going on here and the prevailing mood. That being said, the sun came out today and in some of the sessions at least people seem ...Read More

I arrived in Davos last night and headed straight into the FT dinner on Collaborative Partnership Models (do we need to work together more to get out of this mess), a CNBC dinner (you are never knowingly underfed here) and ...Read More

This year's Trust Barometer could not come at a better (or worse I guess) time. The headlines to me: * The US is the new France (traditionally our least trusting nation when it comes to business) as Trust ...Read More

Loved the gorilla (now spelt correctly), hated the nonsense car race at the airport and just saw this one and love it. Cadbury back on track? Read More

We're looking for an Associate Director to join the Wellness & Lifestyle division of JCPR/Edelman London. Some big and genuinely global brands to work on in the brilliant and inspiring setting of JCPR where hero campaigns are cooked up for ...Read More

Some time ago I was chatting with Hugh MacLeod about how we might do a non corporate-style corporate ad for Edelman (even PR firms are forced to advertise sometimes by industry publications). He instantly produced this and posted about ...Read More

Our very own Rebecca Lury's article (based on her University dissertation) on female representation in the UK Parliament which has just been published in the latest edition of the Fabian Review, the official magazine from a prominent UK centre-left think ...Read More

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