Our Identity in Flux and the Role Brands Can Play from Amanda Mooney on Vimeo. Too good not to reproduce. Here's the original brilliant post too. Here's Amanda. Read More

The Antigua HQ of Stanford International Bank There is something about the picture of Sir Allen Stanford that screams SCAM (or alleged scam I should still probably say). Or is that just how it looks now with the benefit of hindsight? ...Read More

The Times carries a great story today about an auction in London for Uncle Monty's cottage the god forsaken location of the 'holiday by mistake' in Withnail and I. Apparently proceedings were punctuated by shouted quotes from this great ...Read More

Am on my way out of here to Stockholm to present the Swedish data from the Trust Barometer. Nice sum up of Davos here by David Smith of The Times. My sum up below in the form of some ...Read More