I was talking to someone today about class in the UK and how powerful it still is (or isn’t) professionally. I am old enough to remember when it absolutely was an issue and I pretty much fled the country in 1992 because of it (and yes I am still a bit chippy with an estuarial accent and remain the proud product of a ‘bog standard‘ comprehensive school). But I guess I am older and more senior in the business now and so I probably don’t notice it like I used to. Is it still there in a big way? Does anyone feel that in this business they are held back by their accent, upbringing and education?

In the 80’s the industry was chock full of Sloane Ranger and Hooray Henry types, but I see it much less now. And has social media helped to level the playing field even more? I think it has. No-one can judge your accent on Twitter. And is this still just a peculiarly British fascination?

A lovely ad about class from the time when it still mattered in PR.