For full story link to PR Week website Thanks to PR Week for confirming what we suspected for a while now that we are the UK's number one tech PR firm. As usual, PR Week has a hard time putting ...Read More

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Great piece of work from Leicester City Council. Terrific viral and social media campaign that seems to take advice and help to teenagers in a voice they might recognise and via channels they probably frequent. So much better ...Read More

Ocassionally I run posts past my colleagues before I hit publish! Here's one I was asked not to post in February this year. Thanks guys (you know who you are). What do you think of my "sixth ...Read More

WPP are doing it again. Just nanoseconds after they proved they could not make the 'bespoke' agency unit work for Dell, they have sold the concept to LG! It is astounding. Today's PR Week says: "Consumer electronics giant ...Read More

Warning: This post will take more than the brand promise of sixty seconds to read. A couple of weeks ago, Jonny Bentwood and I were having a chat about Twitter's explosion into the consumer consciousness and the extent to ...Read More

Today's Sun has a fab second world war poster from the Ministry of Health instructing the nation that "Coughs and sneezes spread diseases". Proof that official health warnings are not new things at all. Below is a video ...Read More