Ocassionally I run posts past my colleagues before I hit publish! Here’s one I was asked not to post in February this year. Thanks guys (you know who you are). What do you think of my “sixth form debating tactics now”?

Disgraced Tory MP Derek Conway

The spectacle of both the UK’s House of Commons and the European Parliament disgracefully trying to keep their lucrative regime of expense scams private will come back to haunt both institutions. We are entering an age where traditional deference is dying off and people no longer believe that respect can be merely attributed because people have ‘status’ or ‘power’ or ‘position’. Today, respect has to be earned and re-earned if people’s default position of scepticism is to be overcome. And how do our political leaders respond? In the EU we learn, the publication of a report into the misuse of expenses was suppressed and at Westminster the discredited Speaker of the House may actually veto a move that would have allowed public access to details about MP’s housing allowances . . . . one of the most abused areas of financial privilege MP’s enjoy. And all this, just a couple of weeks after the Derek Conway scandal in which the systematic nepotism of this old boy system was spotlighted in the starkest of terms. I’m not suggesting that there will be riots and revolution, but the drip, drip of cover-up, secrecy and obfuscation in response to blatant abuse will oblige people to come to their own conclusions about the politicians and the political process. And these people wonder about low election turn-outs!

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