Today's pictures of Sir Allan Stanford in the classic orange jump-suit with contrasting silver wrist manacles highlights yet again how the US gets these things right and Europe gets them wrong. Trust in business is at record lows and ...Read More

More proof that Mark Earls is right and that crowd behaviour can often be explained by our herd mentality and the human instinct to copy other people. If you have not read his book, then shame on you. Hat ...Read More

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Back in November last year, Hugh MacLeod did his 'famous' ten questions format on me and Crowdsurfing. He seems to do it to books he reads and wants to review. So given his recent publication of Ignore Everybody, ...Read More

Edelman works for Microsoft. Hat tip Mr Clayton. Read More

Edelman's latest on the big question of search and visibility. A top read in my view. Read More

Like you I normally delete unread those spammy email 'funnies' and here I am re-producing one on my blog. But I wonder if this explains the actions of so many companies in the age of the empowered consumer and stakeholder? ...Read More

More nice work from Amelia and VCCP. Is really real advertising (ie starring the people you target) yet another admission of the fundamental flaw in the bought media propositiion? That it's just not engaging enough now compared to the ...Read More

A tad cynical but still worth keeping this one in mind when thinking of new campaigns. Hugh of course. Read More