Am late blogging our own data. Travel does that. The FT coverage of the first ever midyear Edelman Trust Barometer correctly took us back to the last study and the fevered and frightened days of January and Davos when trust ...Read More

The best I have seen from Gordon Brown since he talked about the reform needed to global institutions at Davos last year. Read More

We all get to do a Jarvis now, but few can pull it off like this. Lesson to service providers? Don't piss off musicians. Read More

It's not all cuddly kittens and exploding Coke bottles out there. We are in the age of mass self expression. Hat tip Ze Frank Read More

In his editorial today, PR Week editor Danny Rogers menitioned The Fall of PR & The Rise of Advertising, a book launched to what I imagine was a receptive audience at Cannes, the annual advertising industry shin dig. ...Read More