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I was both frustrated and happy this week to be caught up in the admin' of helping people move from one office to another. It is a time consuming task all about managing mind numbingly dull and yet hugely ...Read More

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Sir Allan Stanford models the classic orange boiler suit. The news that four UK politicians could face jail sentences of up to ten years if they are found guilty of fraud or false accounting in the wake of the expenses ...Read More

How do you react to Thierry Henry's obvious handball (x2) against Ireland in the World Cup qualifier last night? The British and Irish media are (understandably?) hysterical, the French are embarrassed and FIFA are not going to win whatever they ...Read More

The latest in our efforts to quantify the unquantifiable and reduce you to a mere number was launched yesterday. Yet again we brutalise complex human concepts like Trust, Popularity, Influence and Engagement with our over-simplistic (but pretty bloody clever) algorithms. ...Read More

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PR Week's front page story on the CIPR finances is a little disturbing. The statement on the CIPR web-site is not much more reassuring. I have been critical in the past of some of the stances the organisation has ...Read More

Starbucks have their Christmas cups in....one of the nicer new seasonal traditions in my view. They are a client, but I would have said this anyway.....honest. Read More

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