Ashley Hegland, head of Business and Social Purpose, Asia Pacific, Edelman. Apple's beautiful, shiny brand has been getting the wrong sort of headlines in recent months due to the reported behaviours of it's supplier Foxconn to their employees. Read More

Guest post from Sara Donaldson I’ve handled communications and business development for Edelman Asia Pacific for the past two years, and what a ride it’s been. Edelman is such a sophisticated company, so there is a good deal of quality content ...Read More

Andrew Kirk, GM Edelman, Hong Kong on Trust in Hong Kong   Here's the deck: Read More

The trust climate in Indonesia remains very bright.  Business is trusted by 78% to 'do what is right', the highest figure in the world and a remarkably consistent one over the years of the study. Similarly, at 80%, trust in media is ...Read More

The wall to the Park just by the Blue House in Seoul, home of the President of South Korea. It has been a bad year for trust in Korea pretty much across the board.  Not as catastrophic as Japan where Trust ...Read More

Tokyo, just outside the Edelman office.   My colleagues Ross Rowbury and Alan Vandermolen launched the Trust Barometer findings for Japan in Tokyo today. It is difficult to know quite where to begin when discussing the Trust Barometer results for Japan this year.  Japan was ...Read More