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Edelman has been studying Trust for 13 years now globally and in the Asia Pacific region for 9 years.  Trust is the foundation of corporate and brand reputation and in every culture and language there is a word or a ...Read More


Tony Tao and I banging on about Trust in Shanghai.  And here is another of my spectacularly badly shot, out-of-focus and almost drowned-out-by-the-jackhammers videos.  All very real and gritty innit. Read More


Guest post by Stephen Lock. Image by As Brunei begins its 2013 Chairmanship of ASEAN it takes over at a time of enormous potential and very hard work. ASEAN – the Association of Southeast Asian Nations – is going through a remarkable transformation. Once regarded as a ...Read More


I am conscious in writing anything about Dan Edelman that there are many people in my firm who worked more closely with him and for much longer. Being in Chicago at the moment I am very aware of that as ...Read More