Last week I spoke at the annual meeting of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ) in Christchurch. I was asked to address global trends and where I felt the industry was heading. This speech (which is embedded below) ...Read More


This week I was in Christchurch, New Zealand (my first ever trip there) speaking at the PR Institute of New Zealand’s (PRINZ) annual conference. It gave me the opportunity to visit the city devastated by the earthquake in 2011. It was ...Read More

The wall to the Park just by the Blue House in Seoul, home of the President of South Korea. It has been a bad year for trust in Korea pretty much across the board.  Not as catastrophic as Japan where Trust ...Read More

Tokyo, just outside the Edelman office.   My colleagues Ross Rowbury and Alan Vandermolen launched the Trust Barometer findings for Japan in Tokyo today. It is difficult to know quite where to begin when discussing the Trust Barometer results for Japan this year.  Japan was ...Read More

The free-fall of China’s Sino-Forest (TRE: CO) share price this month provides valuable insight for any corporation which has, or is considering, listing on an international Exchange. While the Sino-Forest case is still evolving, here are the facts. In just a ...Read More