This past week two people who until very recently made their entire careers out of PR and advertising both made similar claims that the industries they had just left were too slow to modernize and were therefore doomed. Hindsight, it ...Read More

1-Greg Shand

I first met Greg Shand in early 1994. Initially he was not happy to see me. I was an ‘expensive’ hire, with no experience of the New Zealand market and I was not his hire. He was pretty explicit on ...Read More


Last week I spoke at the annual meeting of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ) in Christchurch. I was asked to address global trends and where I felt the industry was heading. This speech (which is embedded below) ...Read More


Today we have announced some changes to our regional business alignment.  Effective July 1st next year, Edelman Middle East & Africa will be combined with our Asia Pacific rather than our European business.  The release is here: http://edl.mn/T6RvAH.  As Matt ...Read More

Gavin Coombes Infographic (4)

'Game changer' is an overused term.  But I'm going to use it anyway.  Rarely do PR agencies succeed in attracting senior mainstream digital talent (outside of the US at least).  Most 'digital' experts at PR agencies are social media professionals ...Read More

Harris Diamond

Pictured: Harris Diamond, CEO McCann-Erickson.  Richard Edelman will make a speech in Melbourne next week at the World PR Forum in which he will say it is PR’s time to lead and he will support this with his usual eclectic analysis of ...Read More

The trust climate in Indonesia remains very bright.  Business is trusted by 78% to 'do what is right', the highest figure in the world and a remarkably consistent one over the years of the study. Similarly, at 80%, trust in media is ...Read More

PR people are not known for their business management skills. To the best of my knowledge, Harvard runs no case studies featuring PR businesses. We are traditionally crap at all that stuff. After all, we rise to the top of ...Read More