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Western and Japanese multinationals have been operating abroad for years… hundreds of years in some cases. And mostly they had the benefit of entering markets with superior products and technology and came cloaked in brand values that were massively aspirational ...Read More

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Everywhere you go in Asia Pacific you come across the huge social strains caused by the speed of economic development and change. In China, 300 million have been lifted out of poverty in a generation and many have moved from ...Read More


https://vimeo.com/61160189 Above is the first of a series of seven videos we have made about the generation born in the 1970’s in China. They are, in effect, the generation whose work and efforts transformed China into the second largest and consistently ...Read More


A couple weeks ago we were asked to comment on the shift in business dynamics in China and what it means for the PR industry. Here's what we had to say:   What are the differences between doing business in Beijing and, ...Read More